We have an experienced team of content creators that meet with you to understand your vision as well as create something truly original and innovative that will accomplish your goal.



Utilizing only the best equipment  our production team implements a strategy to achieve the best results and can execute our strategy anywhere in the world. Wether your needs are still, motion, post production or all encompassing content creation for your brand.


During the concept development stage we arrive at a delivery deadline that is guaranteed . We are able to deliver to any format from web streaming to the big screen.



After years spent as a touring videographer with top musicians & athletes, award winning filmmaker, Sky Stone founded The Shop Media; through a passion for action sports and visual storytelling. The Shop is exactly that, a "workshop"; created and run by a true craftsman, a grease monkey of visual arts, an adrenaline fueled creative with a desire to tell stories within the world of sports through the art of cinematic visuals.


The Shop Media is a full service entertainment and production company based out of Aspen, Colorado. With its roots deeply bedded in action sports The Shop Media delivers outstanding visuals and innovative content creation utilizing the latest high quality cinema production gear in extreme conditions and outskirts others are not willing to go.







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